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How Irrigreen Works

Learn how Irrigreen sprinklers work and how easy they are to install.


Below you'll find answers to our most asked questions.

Do I have to meet with a Pro to purchase a system?

You do not, though we have found it to be an effective way to communicate with customers and get a better understanding of their exact irrigation needs. In the meeting, we will use an aerial view of your property to produce a quote, go through the details of installation, and answer any questions you may have in real time!

If you'd prefer to do things yourself, you can purchase a system directly on our website here. Or explore more with our DIY design tool.

Can I use my existing system?

You can gain simplicity and water savings with just 1 Irrigreen head/zone. You can cap off the old heads and just run a new 1” pipe from the main to the center of each zone. Each one of our heads can spray up to 30 feet and covers up to 2000 sq feet. You will need a new Irrigreen controller but can connect to your existing backflow device and connect to any other drip or spray zones you want to keep.

Can I buy just the sprinkler heads?

Irrigreen is a complete, in-ground, irrigation system – smart heads and controller.  
A single Irrigreen head would not be compatible with your current controller.  
We’d be happy to meet with you about upgrading your system.

Where can I find more information on Irrigreen?

We’d be happy to give you more information! Visit the Support page on our website for additional information, manuals, and documents, check out our YouTube channel, or explore our design tool.
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